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Modulus Tweed Champ Pick List: DOWNLOAD

Modulus Tweed Champ Layout:DOWNLOAD

Please note: I suggest using this layout as it solves some of the grounding issues that may cause hum by following other layouts. keep the wires short and close to the chassis and you should get a very quiet / hum free build.

We do not supply a step by step build manual for this amp, the layout is simple to follow and it is expected that the builder has some relevant experience.

Detailed pictures are available on our facebook page.

Once you have built the amp you may want to try some simple tweaks to get it sounding the way you want, here is some of our mods we do at Modulus:

Tweed champ Modifications


Parts will be picked once the order is received and generally shipped within 1 week from receipt of order. We try to keep all parts in stock to satisfy kit orders, however if there are part shortages the parts available will be shipped immediately with the shortages posted shortly thereafter, Please contact me for estimated shipping times prior to ordereing.

Cabinets are made to order and shipped separately, dispatch times are typically 2 to 4 weeks for the cabinet.
To save time and keep prices competitive all cabinets are shipped directly from the manufacturer.