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18Watt 1.5mm Aluminium Chassis for use in Combo builds.

 This Chassis comes with 4 Cage Nuts Installed

This chassis is perfect for building all 18watt designs into a combo style unit such as our 1974 replacement cabinet

Any unused holes can be neatly blanked off with silver blanking plates available in the store.

Transformer cutout is sized for our 18watt power transformers, which is a standard size for this type of product

Valve socket holes are sized for the high quality Belton sockets or 19mm white ceramics.

The front panel holes are sizes for 8mm type potentiometers and Cliff UK jack sockets

The chassis has 4 mounting point on the lip fitted with cage nuts, , there are 4 holes on the top surface for screwing the the cabinet too, we also recommend fitting wooden cleats to the inside of the cab to screw the chassis in place for the most robust combo.

  • Length:530mm
  • Width:153mm (6")
  • Height:63mm

All our standard 18watt front faceplates will fit this chassis or contact us if you want a custom one made.



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