18watt 1974 style cabinet - Made in the UK

Product code: 11-1974-CAB

This is a 18 watt 1974-style 1x12 combo cabinet finished in Marshall black levant tolex and Marshall bluesbreaker grill cloth.

- Size(W x H x D) 610mm x 500mm x 230mm
- Control Panel Opening: 420mm x 60mm

The Cabinet is made from Birch ply to give great durabilty and resistance to cracking or warping.

Chassis mounting holes are not drilled, this will allow any chassis that will fit the opening to be used.



In most cases cabinets are made to order with dispatch times typically being 2 to 4 weeks. Any parts ordered at the same time will be dispatched as normal

To save time and keep prices competitive cabinets may be shipped directly from the manufacturer.


Condition New
Product Code 11-1974-CAB
Weight 12kg