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JTM45 Power Transformer
Designed in the UK by Dagnall Transformers

This is a power transformer designed for JTM45 type circuits. Sizes based on the vintage transformer specs, the design is a Lay down style for mounting on our head chassis. We also stock end bells for stand up mounting that can be purchased seperatly.

Suitable for use with 120v and 240v power supplies, 50 - 60hz

Comes with internal mounting bracket

Please check the dimensions below to ensure this will fit your chassis, this transfomer will not fit a Marshall JTM45 Re-issue!

Primary Input Voltages 0 - 120v + 0v - 120v Blue(0) - Grey(120v) + Voilet(0V) - Brown(120v)
Secondary Voltages 345v - 0 - 345v (150mA) Red - Grey - Red
  3.15v - 0 - 3.15 (5A - heaters) Green - Green/Yellow - Green
  5v (2A - Rectifier heaters) Yellow - Yellow
Weight 4.4kg  
Mounting Holes 95.25mm x 76.2mm (5mm Holes)