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Brushed Gold/Black
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Blackface Style Princeton Reverb Faceplate Set - No Logo

This is an 1.5mm thick engraved acrylic laminated faceplate set, the original faceplates were of course painted, however comparing them side by side you would not be able to tell the difference!

Choose from our standard colours above:

  • Black - White Text - Front Engraved (Default)
  • Brushed Silver - Black Text - Front Engraved
  • Brushed Gold - Black Text - Front Engraved
  • White - Black Text - Front Engraved
  • Black - White Text - Front Engraved
  • Chocolate Brown - White Text- Front Engraved

Perfect fit for our Princeton Reverb Chassis or can be used as a template for drilling your own blank chassis.  If you need this for a different chassis please check before purchasing that it will fit, there are multiple chassis variations on the market.

All holes sizes can easily be opened up with wood working tools/drills or you can request different hole sizes at time of ordering.