Carbon film resistors - 1 watt

Product code: 1R-CF1W


Total length: 60mm approx

Resistor Type Summary

Not sure which type of resistor to get, here are some thoughts on resistor types

Carbon Composition: Mostly Dark Brown vintage looking and vintage sounding resistors, Good for authentic repairs and vintage amp reproductions. Can be noisy/�hissy� , particularly in higher Ohm values. Resistance ratings can drift with time. Has the �Mojo� Factor
Carbon Film: Modern general purpose resistor, easily available and cost effective. Used by many amp builder, Good general choice.
Metal Film Resistor: Modern general purpose resistor, with generally lower noise and more stable resistance ratings, available in high accuracy ratings. Good for high gain amps, recording amps and Hi-fi amps to reduce noise but has little �Mojo� factor in the vintage market.


Condition New
Product Code 1R-CF1W
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