If your thoughts about cabinets are a bit out of the box, let us build you a new box!

At Modulus we have a dedicated wood shop for building speaker, combo and head cabinets, we can build a vintage correct cabinet or go completely off track for something a little more boutique.


We normally use high grade Birch plywood for all our cabs which provide high strength and durability. we can tailor the design to meet your needs, so if you want a light weight cabinet we can use re-enforced 12mm birch ply for the body or if you want maximum thump for your down-tuned guitars we can use 18mm for a stiffer response.

We are also one of the few UK cabinet builders that offer 18mm thick pine cabinets, finger jointed for strength.


We have access to all the usual tolex covering materials as shown below and can also get special vinyl's fabrics if you are after something a little more boutique in finish, ask us about our croc, Ostrich or Snake skin vinyl's.

Please note the Gryphin coverings are only available on Gryphin branded cabs.

Professional Finish

Add a touch of class to your cabinet by including your own logo plate and handle insets, we are able to make a range of engraved and cut out logo's to match your cad drawings or selected font.


Cabinets typically come unloaded, we can supply the cab with a pre-wired wiring harness for you to fit the speaker or we can supply it fully wired and tested with your choice of speaker.

Pricing and Lead times

We offer a lot of options to so please contact us with any special requirements and we will do our best to offer a high quality product at an affordable rate, as a guide please check out our cabinet page in the shop to see our standard cabinets.

Manufacturing times can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on work load, if you need a cab faster, i.e.for a show/tour we can deliver, however there will be an expedite fee charged for this service. please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Standard tolex Material: colour samples:

Restored '72 JMP Head Cabinet

Grypin Talon Covered in Gryphin Vinyl

Custom Handle Inserts

Custom Logos

Custom Brown Cabinets
1 x 12" and 3 x 10"

Modified PR Cabinet
2" Taller