Custom Engraved Faceplates for Guitar Amps

Product code: 10-CSTM-1

Give your homebrewed amp a facelift with a new faceplate!

Modulus Amplification can offer a engraved custom made faceplate to your design, price is per single faceplate. if you want a front and rear please add two parts to the cart.


There are three options to choose from when ordering, each one comes with different cost based on the amount of design work required Modulus has to do:

1. Custom made faceplate - Customer must supply a Corel Draw X4 file or AutoCAD DWG/DXF compatible file which can be read by our engraver machines

2. Custom Made faceplate - Customer to supply a detailed sketch that must include all dimensions and text which modulus will use to draw up the design. see example here

3. Custom Made faceplate - Customer supplies a cut out template for dimensions with text which Modulus wil measure and use to draw up the design.

All designs/sketches should be sent to at the time the order is placed.


Maximum size for this product is 70mm x 700mm, Panels longer than 600mm are cut on a saw and engraved in two parts, there is an additional charge for this in the options above.

Modulus can make panels bigger than this but at a higher cost, please contact us for more details

Panel thickness is typically 1.5mm - 1.6mm thick


We can use just about any font on our machines, but block type text like Ariel, Verdana etc engrave best.

Some script texts can not be used, if there is a problem we will let you know at the time of order.

Minimum text height is 2.5mm


You also get to choose your colours from our standard range as below:

Choose from our standard colours above:

Brushed Gold with Black text - Front Laser Engraved (Default Choice)
Brushed Silver - Black Text - Front Laser Engraved

Gold Plexi - Black Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Black Plexi - White Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Silver Plexi - Black Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Black - Black Text - Front laser Engraved
White - Black Text - Front Laser Engraved
Black - White Text - Hard Laminate (like Hiwatts) - Front Engraved
Brown - White Text - - Hard Laminate - Front Engraved


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Product Code 10-CSTM-1
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