JCM800 Style 2204 Turret Board Assy - Brown

Product code: 9B-JCM800-1

800 Style 2204 Turret Board Assy - Brown

This is a turret board for building a 2204 style amp, This is the board we use in our MOD800 2204 small box kit.

The board is larger to take two seperate filter caps for the pre amp section, this allows better grounding and a more stable amp that will handle increased gain mods well.


  • All turrets are double tubular turrets.
  • Board is made from Brown Phenolic with a hole pattern of 7 x 32 holes spaced 3/8" apart
  • See link for the kit layout 2204 Small Box Layout

Nov 2022 Update - Now made with Grade P3 Electrical Grade Phenolic

Condition New
Product Code 9B-JCM800-1
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