JMP 2204 2203 Style Large head cabinet - Made in the UK

Product code: 11-JMPhead-1

A head cabinet for our small box and JTM 45 style chassis, will fit most chassis up to a depth of 170mm

- Size(H x W x D) 273 x 737 x 210mm

- Covered in Black Elephant Tolex as standard - Other coverings are available on request

- Russian Birch Plywood Construction

Chassis mounting holes are not drilled, this will allow any chassis that will fit the opening to be used.

The 50w version does not have an airvent fitted on top

jmp head cab2

jmp head cabinet 3




Cabinets are made to order with dispatch times typically being 2 to 4 weeks. Any parts ordered at the same time will be dispatched as normal.


Condition New
Product Code 11-JMPhead-1
Weight 9kg