JTM45 Style Front Faceplate - Select Your Colour

Product code: 10-JTM45-1




This is an engraved acrylic laminated faceplate. Chassis shown for reference only

Choose from our standard colours above:

Brushed Gold with Black text - Front Laser Engraved (Default Choice)
Brushed Silver - Black Text - Front Laser Engraved

Gold Plexi - Black Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Black Plexi - White Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Silver Plexi - Black Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Black - Black Text - Front laser Engraved
White - Black Text - Front Laser Engraved
Black - White Text - Hard Laminate (like Hiwatts) - Front Engraved
Brown - White Text - - Hard Laminate - Front Engraved

The font type matches the font used on original Marshall products.

Perfect fit for our JTM45 style chasssis or can be used as a template for drilling your own blank chassis.  See link for chassis


Overall size 464mm X 67mm x 1.5mm

The standard holes sizes are as follows:
Potentiometer holes: 8mm to suite Alpha style pots
Switch Holes: 12.5mm to suit most power toggle switches
Jack Holes: 11.5mm to suit most plastic bodied jacks
Pilot light hole: 8mm to suit Marshall style lamp


All holes sizes can easily be opened up with wood working tools/drills or you can request different hole sizes at time of ordering.


We laser engrave all our faceplates in house and so can customize this faceplate to suite your needs. At no additional cost we can :
  • change words,
  • change font sizes
  • change hole sizes or
  • use one of our other standard coloured laminates.
  • We can also add your logo at a small additional cost dependent on the logo.




Condition New
Product Code 10-JTM45-1
Weight 0.12kg