Modulus Amp Kit Building Service

Product code: 14-KITBUILD -

If you don't feel confident to build a amp kit yourself then we can do it for you!

This is a build only service and does not include the price of the kit, cabinet or speakers, they must be purchased seperately.

What is the build service? Please choose the kit you want built above to see the price for the build service. We offer a standard build service, which means that the kit could be built by any of the Modulus staff members , the Master Build service is offered where the kit will only be hand wired and tested by Michael Mortimer.

Can I supply my own Cabinet/Speaker? Due to UK/EU legislation we will not ship built kits for you to house in your own cabinets, we have to supply the completed product to fully meet legal safety requirements, if you really want to use your own cabinet you will have to ship it to Modulus so that we can complete the build. All our built amps are CE marked to show complaince with the EU Directive safety requirements as is required by law.

Do you follow your layouts? No, in order to meet the safety requirements mentioned above we do have to make some small changes to ensure that the amps meet current safety requirements. This will not effect the tone of the amp in any way, but will make the product more robust and reliable.

How long will it be before I get my amp? We would aim to have your amp completed in 6 - 8 weeks depending on our build Schedule, Master built amps may take longer. Please e-mail us to get an estimated delivery time.

What if I don't like the amp? As these are custom built products we do not accept returns. However if the core tone is close to what you want then we can modify the amp to get it closer to what you are after. Saying that the amps all sounds really good so we are sure that if needed, some minor tweaks would get them sounding the way you hoped they would. (The cost of this service is not included in this listing.) If you have any questions about whether the amp is the right one for you please get in touch by e-mail.

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Product Code 14-KITBUILD -