Modulus Princetown Reverb Parts Kit - 15w Output

Product code: 14-PR-1

This is a parts kit for those who want to build a amp inspired by the Blackface Princeton Reverb  - AA1164, this amp circuit has grown in popularity for its low wattage blackface tone, an ideal home practice amp that can be mic'd up for gigging.

Please download and check the parts list below carefully before ordering, this is what is supplied in the kit, dependent on the selections you make above.


Answers to Your Questions:

  • The kit normally comes with Transformers made for us by Dagnall/TRX, they are overrated for the application and have a stunning clear tone.
  • Valves supplied are typically JJ type, unless there is an issue with supply.
  • The JJ Cap can has a 4 sections of 40uf - 20uf -20uf 20uf  section, the CE one has four 20uf like the original amp had, but it is more expensive, both work well in this circuit.
  • Blackface style with blackface knobs is the standard look, Brownface style with Cupcake knobs gives an authentic brownface look.
  • The kit does not include the parts for the "death cap" ground switch. Do not fit these parts!
  • I can supply parts of the kit as required, please download the BOM list and tick the parts you want and send this by e-mail for a price.
  • The kit comes with high quality PVC insulated tri-rated wire, cloth covered wire can be supplied at a surcharge.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently supply a step by step build manual for this amp, layout diagram or Schematic for this kit, the layout is simple to follow and it is expected that the builder has some relevant experience before undertaking this project.

Original layout and schematic provided for reference only:

Princeton Reverb AA1164 layout

Princeton Reverb AA1164 schematic

Valve amps contain deadly high voltages, please ensure you understand how to build and test a valve amp properly, otherwise seek assistance from a qualified tech for support.

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Parts will be picked once the order is received and generally shipped within 3 to 10 working days from receipt of order. We try to keep all parts in stock to satisfy kit orders, however if there are part shortages that will take longer than 2 weeks we will contact you within 3 working days of placing the order, Please contact me for estimated shipping times prior to ordereing if concerned.

Cabinets are made to order and shipped separately, dispatch times are typically 2 to 4 weeks for the cabinet.

SHIPPING TO EUROPE Due to varying costs please contact me for an up to date shipping quote to your country

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Product Code 14-PR-1
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