Modulus Std Potentiometers

Product code: 2PT-SH-5K


These are the main potentiometers we stock and use at Modulus, Made in Taiwan by Song Huei who made some of the potentiometer used in JCM800 amplifiers in the 80's. They have a higher friction turn compared to a CTS pots, so they are less likely to be nudged to the wrong settings.The are also easier to solder to the rear compared to Alpha pots etc

1x Panel Mount Potentiometer with carbon resistive track

Mounting Hole Diameter:8mm
Shaft type: 6mm (1/4") shaft
Body Diameter: 24mm
Power Rating: 0.5w - Linear / 0.25w - Audio
Made In Taiwan

Condition New
Product Code 2PT-SH-5K
Weight 0.031kg