Small Box Amp Chassis - Steel

Product code: 8-SB50-2

This Chassis comes with 4 Cage Nuts Installed


This Steel chassis is perfect for building classis British amplifiers or modern higher gain type circuits into a head style unit and the overall dimensions will allow it to be fitted into a small head box cabinet.

There are no turret board mounting holes drilled

The Transformer holes are pre drilled to match our standard M Style 50w Power and Output Transformer set. (Please watch the video below)

Valve socket holes are sized for the high quality Belton sockets.

The front panel holes are sizes for 3/8" type potentiometers with location holes to prevent the potentiometer turning, this removes the requirement to break the location tab off the potentiometer to get them to fit.

The overall chassis sizes are the same as a JTM45 type chassis, however we have folded the mounting lips inwards which creates more space inside the chassis to work with. The nominal chassis sizes are: 

  • Length:468mm
  • Width:170mm
  • Height:65mm

A variety of faceplates are available for this chassis or contact us if you want a custom one made.


Condition New
Product Code 8-SB50-2
Weight 1.95kg