TW Express Rocket Style Rear plate

Product code: 10-TW-001

TW Express/Rocket Style Rear Plate

This is an 1.5mm thick engraved laminated faceplate for use with our Express Style or Rocket Style Chassis or a blank chassis of your choice.

Please select the options you want. 240v or 120v

Choose from our standard colours above:

Brushed Gold with Black text - Front Laser Engraved (Default Choice)
Brushed Silver - Black Text - Front Laser Engraved

Gold Plexi - Black Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Black Plexi - White Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Silver Plexi - Black Text - Rear Engraved - Paint Filled
Black - Black Text - Front laser Engraved
White - Black Text - Front Laser Engraved
Black - White Text - Hard Laminate (like Hiwatts) - Front Engraved
Brown - White Text - - Hard Laminate - Front Engraved



Condition New
Product Code 10-TW-001
Weight 0.25kg